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       Danielle grew up working in the family business, cruise ships, in the days when the main entertainment after dinner was a band and a dance floor. She wants to recreate a world in which people can;


(1) recognize which dance goes with which song;

(2) dance to any kind of song played by a band or DJ; and

(3) create joyful, confident dance partnerships.

       Danielle trained at Ballroom Dance Teachers Academy in New Mexico, after dancing for decades at Arthur Murray, Fred Astaire and Dance Manhattan on the East Coast. Since childhood, she has spent every week of her life engaged in some form of dance whether it be ballet, modern, tap, jazz, African, hip hop, samba, salsa or flamenco.

       Danielle teaches with her husband, Doug, who went to Arthur Murray in Redwood City to learn a father daughter dance for his daughter’s wedding …and never stopped dancing. As a guitarist, Doug brings an ear for rhythm and tempo as he translates music into dance.

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