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Our experience dancing with Danielle and Doug is simply wonderful! Their instruction is top notch and we wouldn't go anywhere else for lessons! Danielle and Doug have a gift for teaching in a kind, fun and respectful manner that keeps us engaged to continue learning with them!

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My spouse and I love taking these classes and look forward to them all week. Danielle and Doug are wonderful teachers, and in addition to picking up dance steps and gaining confidence on the dance floor, we've been introduced to new music and have made new friends! 

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We were thrilled to have Danielle and Doug choreograph and teach us our first dance for our wedding! We sent them our song choice and talked to them about what kind of dance we wanted, and they choreographed something unique and perfect for us.

The instruction was fun - we were total beginners, but Danielle and Doug deftly taught us one skill at a time until we were confident enough with the choreography to express ourselves and our love for each other through the dance, not just run through the steps.

We had a total blast working with Danielle and Doug, and the end-result was not only that we performed an elegant and graceful first dance, but also that we got to learn a new skill together, and have fun doing it. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

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